Plastic Cards India


Ascot was incorporated in 1988 and utilizes the finest European equipments to produce cards conforming to ISO-7810. We are experts in the field and have devoted 100% of our efforts to producing a card unmatched in quality and competitively priced. We leverage our expertise in providing specific card solutions for all kinds of budgets. Whether you need just cards or a complete solution.

Ascot pioneered the manufacture of plastic cards in Mumabi- India two decades ago. The finest European equipments and technology were selected to manufacture & print world-class Plastic cards for various applications like Photo ID Cards, Discount Cards, Scratch Cards, Digital ID Cards, Embossed Cards, Fused Cards, Barcode Cards, Proximity Cards, Membership Cards, Smart Cards,Mifare cards,Loyalty cards, Attendance Cards with magnetic strip & bar code cards, etc. Over the years the experience gained in plastic card production alongwith the service customer centric culture has ensured that ascot has become a card supplier of choice

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Ascot is your best bet.