Card Personalization Service



Ascot offers a complete flexible approach to card personalization, both in terms of technology and size of project

As a truly independent solutions provider, Ascot can embrace any card personalization technology currently available in today’s marketplace.

Our card personalization bureau is one-stop service to personalize any ISO standard preprinted card with the variable specific matter related to that card - in a highly secured atmosphere. The bureau enables users to share and effectively use the common production infrastructure. This results in cost saving, standardization, and faster delivery, without compromising on quality and security. The users don't need huge capital investments; they pay for the actual usage based on volumes of transactions and cards.

Card Personalisation Service Includes :

  • Embossing

  • Thermal Printing

  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding

  • Chip Initialisation

  • High Speed Ink jetting


Embossing of Plastic Cards  

Embossing is the process of raising the surface of a plastic card to produce various characters which indicate the name, account number, expiration date, etc. Embossing is often a critical part of the plastic card system.

  • Characters come in 2 different sizes:
    Large (OCR) characters which have a 18 space limit per line
  • Small (Simplex) regular characters which have a 26 space limit per line.





Tipping of Plastic Cards

Tipping is the process by which colour, usually gold or silver, is applied to the raised characters to make them easy to read and give a professional finished look.


Encoding of Plastic Cards


Encoding requires the application of a magnetic stripe which can be encoded to various industry specifications. We have the capability to encode your cards upon request.We can do both HICO and LOCO encoding



Thermal Printing on Plastic Cards


Thermal Printing (Flat Print) is the process in which a plastic card can be flat printed several ways.

  • Text: Upper and Lower cards and most special characters in a variety of sizes. Almost any font type can be matched.
  • Logos
  • Barcodes (UPC (A), CodaBar, Code 39, Code 128 & many others)
  • Consecutive Numbering, P.I.N. #'s